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Grampians National Park Update: Re-opening of MacKenzie River Walk between MacKenzie Falls and Zumsteins

Parks Victoria is proud to announce the opening of the MacKenzie River Walk between MacKenzie Falls and Zumsteins Picnic ground.  This project is one of the most significant achievements of the Grampians Flood Recovery Program and provides a wonderful new experience for visitors.

Closed in late 2005 due to visitor risk issues, this section of walking track was further affected by the 2006 bushfire. Plans were developed in 2010 to address the issues associated with the walking track, however the destruction of the footbridge at the base of MacKenzie Falls and additional damage sustained during the 2011 flood event provided an opportunity to re-assess options.

Contractors have now implemented the changes and completed the construction of new infrastructure and new walking track alignments to link MacKenzie Falls to Zumsteins Picnic Area for the first time in seven years. The new section of track provides an added dimension to the MacKenzie Falls experience to rival the Grand Canyon, Silent Street and Venus Baths.

Over the last six months, contractors and Parks Victoria staff have replaced the footbridges at Zumsteins and completed numerous realignments, repairs and upgrades to the entire walking track. Two new river crossings have also been constructed near the base of MacKenzie Falls.

Parks Victoria encourages visitors to complete the MacKenzie River Walk from Zumsteins Picnic Area as walking in this direction allows the wonderful features of the walk to slowly reveal themselves. It is also worth considering a car shuffle that leaves a vehicle at MacKenzie Falls Carpark.

While the restoration of Zumsteins Picnic Area continues, visitors are advised to park in the car park at the western end of the picnic area and following the directional signs. These signs will guide visitors across the MacKenzie River, past the three Pise Cottages and along a new section of walking track before linking with the original MacKenzie River Walk.


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