Grampians Bushfire Update – January 2014

20th January 2014 – HALLS GAP is open for Business!

Victorian CFA authorities have reported that Firefighters have contained the fire in the northern grampians that began after lighting strikes last Wednesday (15th January). An evacuation was ordered on Friday as the fire came close to the Halls Gap township and other surrounding towns. Thanks to a change in weather conditions and a change in wind direction, the fire turned back on itself and was able to be contained. Back burning is also being carried out to provide a complete containment line around the perimeter of the fire. Whilst there is still more work to be done, the threat has passed and it is once again safe to return.

The residents of Halls Gap have already returned and local businesses have re-opened. Visitors are now encouraged to return and support the local businesses such as the Halls Gap Bakery, Halls Gap Zoo, Livefast Cafe.

The National Park will also be re-opened today.

About The Grampians Accommodation

With over 80 Halls Gap properties listed, we are the specialist in tourist accommodation and activities for The Grampians
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